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Adobe is an American software company based in San Jose, California, founded in December 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Heschke. They started the company after leaving Xerox, where they worked on the Xerox PARC project to develop and start selling PostScript. Adobe played a major role in the computer publishing revolution when Apple Computer licensed PostScript for use in the 1985 LaserWriter printer.

The next Adobe product after PostScript was digital fonts. Fonts continued to work in 1996 when the OpenType font format was announced with Microsoft, and in 2003 Adobe completed the translation of fonts to OpenType.

In the mid-1980s, Adobe began selling Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics software for the Macintosh platform. The illustrator grew out of their first font program. Illustrator was better than Apple’s native MacDraw (the standard Macintosh graphics program).

Illustrator was a step towards the company’s flagship – Adobe Photoshop for Macintosh (for Windows Adobe Photoshop became available only from version 2.7), which was announced in 1989. The program was very efficient and stable, and Adobe, using free resources, actively promoted it to the market, eventually succeeding.

In 1994, Adobe acquired Aldus, which led to Adobe PageMaker and the TIFF graphics format. In 1995, Adobe acquired Frame Technologies with their product to create technical documentation and large information-intensive FrameMaker documents.
Adobe’s latest efforts have focused on the Portable Document Format (PDF). Sales of Adobe Acrobat were small, but the company continued to invest in this format, seeing profits in the future. These plans came true and the PDF format became common in DTP applications.

The company is now a leading manufacturer of graphic design, publishing, web and print products with annual revenues approaching $ 4 billion.
Adobe is changing the world with digital technology.

Adobe’s revolutionary innovations are forcing us to take a new look at the possibilities of digital technology. We combine content and data and introduce new technologies that make creativity accessible to all, write a new page in the art of storytelling and breathe life into completely new categories of business.