CookUnity – Prepared Meal Delivery Service by Award-Winning Chefs

CookUnity is a collective of chefs that delivers subscription boxes of ready-to-eat, handcrafted meals prepared by award-winning local chefs right to your door. Their mission is to be more than just a food subscription – they want to bring the creations of talented chefs to your kitchen table.

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How CookUnity works

CookUnity gives you access to small-batch dishes curated by talented chefs, which means the first thing CookUnity needs to know about you is where you live to know what’s available in your area. While their reach is limited at the moment, they’re expanding quickly – check their delivery map to see if it’s available in your area.

To get started after that, you first choose how many meals you want each week. You will then have access to select the dishes you want based on that week’s menu. If you don’t feel like choosing, the chefs can choose for you. From there, meals will appear weekly based on your delivery preferences!

Examples of CookUnity recipes

Recipes will vary depending on your city and what the chefs have cooked up, but when we took a look, here’s what we saw:

  • Chipotle chicken with creamy polenta
  • Grilled mojo pork chop
  • Stew made of beef and zudli
  • Baked salmon with chia
  • Chicken tenders with parmesan
  • Cavatelli mushroom
  • Broccoli Bacon Mac and Cheese

When selecting recipes, CookUnity gives you a ton of filters—for seafood, red meat, poultry, vegetarian or vegan, under 600 calories, low carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, low sodium, keto, paleo, and whole30. However, what will be available is entirely up to the chefs.

Frequently asked questions about CookUnity

Is CookUnity food packaging eco-friendly?

Almost all materials that go into packaging are recycled. The boxes are recyclable paper and their liner is recyclable. Food trays are also recyclable if properly cleaned. If your delivery comes in a bag or with cooler bags, they are only recyclable if you find suitable drop-off locations near you.

How much does CookUnity cost?

CookUnity starts at $13.49 per meal, but you can get as low as $10.49 per meal if you order 16 meals per week.

How do I cancel CookUnity?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your personal profile by editing your plan. If an order is already scheduled, you will still be charged for that order and its delivery, but your subscription will be canceled and terminated after that delivery.

Is CookUnity suitable for families with children?

There are many dishes that may appeal to children, but the food and service are generally geared more toward adults.

When does CookUnity deliver meals?

When you sign up, you choose the day of the week you want your meals shipped, and you can always change that day in your profile later based on availability in your area.

Where does CookUnity ship to?

CookUnity delivers meals from real top chefs, so while CookUnity is growing, their reach depends on the number of chefs they work with near you. They ship to most of the continental US, but to see if your areas are available, you can view their shipping map here.

How to miss CookUnity week?

In your profile, you can skip one of the next four deliveries or pause your subscription if you want to pause it and come back later.

What skill level do you need to prepare CookUnity meals?

The only skill required is to reheat the prepared dishes – the chefs will take care of everything else! If you want to put your cooking skills to use, you can use more advanced heating techniques to mimic what a chef would do to prepare your dish.

What else you should know about CookUnity

Your meals arrive prepared and ready to heat, but of course there are several ways to reheat your food. In this case, CookUnity tells you the “quick” way and the “cook” way based on what they think will taste the best. The fastest way is usually a microwave, which heats up your food quickly and is ready to eat, but if you have the time and equipment, reheating with an oven, pan, deep fryer or other cooking methods.

CookUnity Is an Excellent Meal-Kit Delivery Service

CookUnity has some flaws that slightly diminish its overall appeal, from finicky packages to portions that don’t always satisfy. However, its huge, high-quality menu makes it an excellent starting point for anyone interested in receiving prepared meals. It surpasses more niche services and gives Fresh N Lean some serious competition. We highly recommend it to people looking for delicious heat-and-eat meals.

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