Envato Elements Review 2023

Envato Elements is a service provided by Envato. Its main goal is to give creators, designers and others access to an impressive and expanding library of digital assets. Envato Elements includes WordPress plugins and themes, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, artwork, photos, audio files, videos, and other content.

Envato Elements subscribers can also access over 1,200 eBooks and video courses powered by EnvatoTuts+ . This allows customers to access over 1 million digital resources and educational content from EnvatoTuts+.

Official Website: https://elements.envato.com/

Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Envato is one of the largest online digital asset providers in the world. They have seven primary asset directories:

  • ThemeForest – Website themes and templates
  • CodeCanyon – Get access to plugins, scripts, and code snippets
  • VideoHive – Royalty free videos and templates
  • AudioJungle – Provides royalty-free audio and music
  • GraphicRiver – Various graphic elements, icons, fonts and logos
  • PhotoDune – Huge number of royalty-free stock images
  • 3DOcean – Provides CG textures and three-dimensional print models

Envato has expanded its operations in recent years to include a handy website builder, online courses and tutorial service, a marketplace for freelancers, and more. Envato Elements has made the biggest impression. It’s been marketed as the “Ultimate Creative Asset Subscription.”

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a paid subscription service that gives creators access to over 2,000,000 downloadable digital assets for use in their projects. Subscription fees are billed monthly or annually.

Both subscription plans offer unlimited digital downloads. After a recent plan change, customers using any subscription (instead of just an annual subscription) can use over 900 Envato Elements WordPress plugins and themes.

With this service, you don’t have to worry about upload or credit limits. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment with different graphics, files and themes before choosing the ones that are perfect for your particular project.

Envato Elements’ digital assets are created by a large community of independent designers. Each designer is paid for their work based on a revenue sharing model. Half of the revenue is shared with the content creators who supply the assets used in Envato Elements.

If you already have a WordPress website, I highly recommend using the Envato Elements WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to browse your Envato Elements stock image archive from your WordPress website admin panel and add media files to your existing posts and pages.

The plugin provides access to over 80 different template sets and over 1400 page templates.

Who is Envato Elements for?

Here are some of the main groups that can benefit from using this service:

  • Audio producers are looking for sound effects for their compositions.
  • Bloggers looking for high quality images to post on their blogs.
  • Business owners who could use ready-made business cards, stationery and website templates.
  • Illustrators and graphic designers who need more options for fonts, actions, brushes and layer styles.
  • Podcasters who can use audio for their episodes.
  • T-shirt designers and creators who need initial templates and graphics.
  • Video bloggers need video templates and video files.
  • Website owners, agencies and freelancers who need different WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Web designers who need HTML templates, WordPress themes and other similar resources for the sites they work on.
  • Anyone who creates or uses audio and/or visual content should be considered part of Envato Elements’ target market.

This service is an invaluable resource for people looking for the perfect image for a blog post or looking to improve workflow efficiency by using a template or starting with styles and actions for the specific applications you use most.

People using WordPress can greatly benefit from using Envato Elements. Their impressive library of WordPress themes and plugins makes this service indispensable for WordPress bloggers, website owners, freelancers, and more.

What do you get with Envato Elements?

At the time of writing this Envato Elements review, the asset repository includes:

  • WordPress Themes (1116+ items) – Business, Blogging, E-Commerce, Portfolio, Multipurpose Themes and more.
  • WordPress Plugins (502+ items) – forms, email marketing, social media plugins and more.
  • Photos (955,551+ items) – Lots of high-quality photos of tech, people, food, landscapes, and more, free stock photos.
  • Graphics (24,335+ elements) – many objects, illustrations, icons, vectors and backgrounds.
  • Graphic Templates (52,716+ items) – UI and UX kits, infographics and product mockup templates.
  • Add-ons (2064+ items) – Settings, actions. layer styles, brushes, etc.
  • Fonts (6666+ items) – sans serif, serif, decorative fonts, etc.
  • Presentation templates (26,654+ items) – Keynote, PowerPoint templates and more.
  • Web Templates (2281+ items) – Find admin, email, landing page and website templates here.
  • CMS Templates (993+ items) – Drupal, Ghost, Magento, Shopify and Tumblr templates to use.
  • 3D visualization (26,174+ elements) – visualization for various objects.
  • Stock Video (616,900+ items) – motion graphics and stock video.
  • Video templates (16,840+ elements) – product ads, broadcast packages and titles.
  • Music (19,501+ items) – Lots of free IDs and tracks to choose from.
  • Sound effects (101,470+ elements) – sounds of animals, cartoons, games and nature.

WordPress plugins and themes are now part of Envato Elements. There are also over 600,000 free stock photos to use.

New elements are regularly added to the Envato Elements resource library. Even with all these options, it’s still very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Most top-level categories are broken down into subcategories to narrow your search.

How Does the Envato Elements License Work?

Envato Elements keeps licensing simple. A commercial license covers all downloadable assets. This allows you to use those assets in your work with clients and your own work.

To summarize licensing:

–A single commercial license

All items that can be used in Envato Elements have the same license terms. You get broad commercial rights so that you can use items in client and for personal projects.

–Register items each time they are used

Whenever you download an item, you’ll receive an ongoing license for single-use. If you want to re-use an item, all you have to do is go to your downloads and register that item again for different use.

–Certain common-sense limitations apply:

  • You can’t redistribute or re-sell items;
  • You can’t use items in on-demand services;
  • You generally can’t use the items you’ve downloaded as a basis for merchandising. For example, you can’t print an item from Envato Elements onto a T-shirt.

–License if you stop using Envato Elements

If you’ve paid for access to the Envato Elements library, you can use any of the items in that library for commercial purposes. If you cancel your subscription, you can’t download any more items.

However, any items that you’ve already downloaded and registered for a project before the subscription was canceled can still be used for that particular project.

How much does Envato Elements cost?

An Envato Elements subscription gives you access to over 1.6 million digital assets on Envato Elements and over half a million stock photos on Twenty20. TutsPlus eBooks and online courses are also included with every subscription.

Annual membership costs only $16.50 per month (for European residents, the price is €14.50 per month). If you choose to pay monthly, your price will be €29 per month.

Students can save an additional 30% on their subscription by entering their student email address during registration. Eligible charities can receive 50% off select Envato Elements subscriptions.

There are no long-term contracts or obligations. You can choose to pay annually or monthly and cancel your subscription at any time.

Each subscription allows you to download an unlimited number of digital products. Just remember that uploading an asset doesn’t mean you own it.

For example, you may not download an item and then use it to print on t-shirts for commercial sale or resell the downloaded product. Read the Envato Elements license terms to fully understand what’s allowed and what’s not.

Official Website: https://elements.envato.com/