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Nolo is one of the oldest companies in the legal services space, founded in 1971 by two attorneys. With more than 1 million visitors to the site each month, Nolo’s goal is to make legal information accessible to everyone and to publish legal content in plain English instead of legalese.

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Here is a summary of the legal services available on Nolo:

  • Find legal software, books, ebooks, and articles.
  • Create custom legal documents and contracts.
  • Find a local lawyer who can help with your case.
  • Create an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit.

Packages and prices offers several services with different prices for everyone, just like other LLC services like Better Legal Services . There are free legal services from real lawyers, and there are paid ones.

Some of the services you don’t have to pay for are finding a lawyer by area or state and using their informative articles. Based on this Nolo review, clients can search for and book local attorneys who can assist with cases and provide helpful legal advice and legal information.

Users are also free to consult materials and guides written by authorized attorneys. At the same time, Nolo offers paid products and services with relevant terms that determine its commission.

Setting up your own limited liability business: Nolo can help you set up a business with all the legal information you need to make informed decisions. The depth of this information depends on which plan you choose. In this review, we will look at the different packages they offer.

The basic package costs $49 plus government tax. It includes name verification, operating agreements, incorporation documents, automatic error checking, and a guide to formalizing your new business.

The standard package costs $149 plus government tax. In addition to what the basic package offers, it includes dozens of LLC forms and an application for your company’s tax identification number or employee identification number with the IRS.

Along with all the other elements of the standard package, Express offers a number of other extras. They include a company seal, a personalized LLC binder, 20 customized membership certificates, a transfer book, and index tabs.

Your state LLC application also has top priority, as Nolo guarantees it will be filed within one business day. You can receive official documents on the establishment of an LLC within two to three days. It costs $299 plus government fees.

Legal forms: You can get your own legal forms from Nolo and reprint them multiple times. Single-use prices range from $9 to $15. If you want unlimited editing of legal forms, Nolo charges $30 to $44 per year.

Form a corporation or non-profit: You can form any of these business entities for an initial cost of $99 plus government fees. runtime

Depending on which plan you choose to set up your LLC, you can have very different timelines and results. All plans below the Nolo Express Package can expect approximately two to three weeks for results.

According to our review, the turnaround time is significantly longer compared to direct inclusion. While express package users receive their business documents and legal books within a day and deliver within two to three days. Registered Agent Service

Nolo’s registered agent service does not include any of its legal packages. In fact, this is a newly launched feature that you can only purchase for a separate cost through its partner, Vcorp Services. Pricing for this feature is currently undisclosed. However, clients need the best registered agent service when setting up a legal entity such as a limited liability company or corporation.

According to Nolo, there are several ways to fulfill this legal requirement. But they have not yet shared their methods on their website. However, users can book and appoint a person of their choice as a registered agent through Nolo. review conclusion

After our experts have researched the useful information, various resources and online reviews of, we are confident that is one of the profitable options for building your online business. Nolo does the work of libraries, lawyers and firms at discounted prices, so it’s no surprise that they are well known in the legal industry.

Our team recommends using their legal options, but be aware that Nolo is not responsible if a practitioner or lawyer found on its site cannot fulfill your request when it comes to books and forms.

Офіційний сайт: Nolo.Com