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PhotoAiD is a tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) and uses the latest advances in high technology. AI can check immediately after uploading an image and mark it as “correct” or “incorrect”. If you are planning a trip abroad, you need a passport. Requirements for passport photos are largely similar in most countries, differing only in details such as the size of the photo or the size of the face in the image. It’s about proper framing. The picture should show your entire face, the area around your collarbones and the upper part of your shoulder. Important: the head should be centered and fill 50-69% of the entire photo.

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The software is fast and accurate. What’s more, once your image is converted to a passport photo, you can see a detailed report on how your image meets passport photo standards.

The app has a dual verification method – first by the software itself and then by a human expert. A huge advantage over most competitors is that with PhotoAiD, your passport photos are almost 100% accepted. Such an outstanding result is achieved thanks to the double test of the program to match your new passport.

The end result is a beautifully transformed passport photo. Like Visafoto, this app also removes the background and replaces it with white. Cropping is done according to official standards and you can preview the photo before proceeding.

You can upload as many photos as you want. You can take multiple photos and upload them to the app to see which one you like best – you only pay once you’ve selected the last passport photo.

Passport pictures can be ordered digitally or printed on quality photo paper for an additional fee.

The total cost of US passport photos and other US documents is $6.95 (digital) and $9.95 (paper).

PhotoAiD is the leader in the biometric photo market. PhotoAiD has created mobile apps and a website that make it easy, fast and fun to take photos of passports or other documents. Using artificial intelligence and the latest technologies, every day we help thousands of people conveniently take photos for passports and identity documents! With PhotoAiD, taking photos is child’s play! In addition, PhotoAiD allows customers to order photo prints and have them delivered within 3 business days to any address!

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