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SpotHero is a parking reservation service that allows you to find and reserve hourly, monthly, airport and event parking in thousands of parking lots and garages across North America. When you book with us, you’ll instantly receive a pre-paid parking space guaranteed by SpotHero. We operate in over 30 major cities in the US and Canada and have helped park over 40 million cars since 2011.

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What is SpotHero?

Spot Hero is a service that allows you to find and reserve a parking space in thousands of garages and lots across the United States.

You will be able to search for free parking spaces, compare prices and pay for parking spaces.

You can reserve a parking space in the airport car park or at the event, whether it is hourly, for several days or monthly.

The service works in more than 300 cities in the USA and Canada.

How does SpotHero work?

SpotHero provides you with an app to find available parking spaces in the United States and Canada that meet your needs.

You can book a seat using Google Assistant or download the app from Google Play for Android automatic booking.

If you use an iPhone, you can download it from the iTunes app store to start reserving a parking space.

You can also use the computer to find and reserve a parking space through their website.

Enter your location

The first thing to do when using SpotHero is to enter the location where you want to park.

The application will show parking areas near the desired location.

Enter the date and time you wish to park

Narrow down your selection by entering the time and date you plan to park.

Some spaces may not be available for the entire time you plan to park there.

When you click “search,” several available locations appear.

View the results

The application will offer as many options as possible near the parking zone you need.

You can compare prices and distances to choose the location that best suits your needs.

Tap the tooltip with each address to learn more.

Reserve a seat

When you find the seat you want, tap it to buy.

The app will take you to the checkout page to reserve the site and pay.

You will receive an instant confirmation in the app.

Get a parking pass

After you reserve a space and pay, SpotHero will send your parking ticket to your email address.

The pass is also always available in the My Bookings section of the app.

Where is SpotHero available?

SpotHero is available in the United States and parts of Canada.

You can use SpotHero in 42 states and Washington, DC in the United States.

This parking service serves users in over 300 major cities in the United States, including:

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Arlington

You can reserve a space at Los Angeles International Airport’s west coast parking lot.

Or you can reserve a parking spot in Burlington, Vermont on the East Coast.

SpotHero’s parking reservation service can help you reserve parking spaces at over 7,500 locations.

The parking app can also help you find a space in Alberta, British Columbia or Manitoba, Canada in cities such as:

  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto

What type of parking is available on SpotHero?

With the help of the SpotHero service, you can reserve seats at the airport, in the parking lot and in the garage.

SpotHero allows you to reserve several types of off-street parking throughout North America.


You can search for hourly or daily parking rates at thousands of locations in the SpotHero parking app or website.

The service simplifies the search for parking spaces at major airports.


Weekly parking rates are easy to compare with SpotHero.

First, you’ll enter the dates you want to park when searching for available parking spaces.

The app will then present you with places that offer space when you need it.


If you’re looking for a space to rent in the metropolitan area, you can find a monthly parking space that fits your price range with this parking app.

The interface makes it easy to compare prices and locations.

How much does SpotHero cost?

The cost of reserving a parking space with SpotHero depends on what amount the owner of the lot or garage decides to charge.

Depending on the city and location, it may cost less than using a rideshare service to avoid parking.

There is no fixed rate for the SpotHero service.

Instead, when you search for a parking space, each available space will display a price so you can reserve it.

Although there is no set cost, the rates for spaces through SpotHero are often cheaper than you could get by finding parking on your own.

These lower bids come from lot owners who want to fill empty lots and are willing to accept lower bids.

Some spaces can be expensive, such as those in high demand for special events, but many cost very little, sometimes as little as $5 or $6 to park.

Is the rate displayed for the entire reservation?
The default rate that SpotHero shows when you view a vacancy without a date range entered is the cost of a 3-hour reservation.

If you have entered the time or date range you wish to park, the app or website will display the rate for the entire booking.

Are there any additional fees?

SpotHero charges a fee for the service that differs from the reservation.

Some lots also charge for oversized vehicles over 65 or 75 inches tall or 180 inches long.

Vans, minibuses and buses belong to this category.

Not every garage accepts oversized vehicles, but most do charge an extra fee.

In some cases where valet parking is available, the SpotHero price does not include valet parking.

SpotHero Review Summary

The SpotHero parking reservation app is free and costs only the amount you pay to reserve a parking space.

There is no downside to using an app or website to find available spices and compare prices.

If the parking cost is too high, you do not have to pay anything or reserve a space.

If you need to park, you can use SpotHero to make finding spaces easier.

Download the SpotHero app today and enjoy hospital, city and field parking discounts only available through this service.

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