Swiggy is a leading online food ordering and delivery platform

Swiggy is India’s leading online food ordering and delivery platform that offers a variety of recipes, veg and non-veg, desserts, beverages and more. Based in Bangalore, this company works with 1,25,000 food outlets and restaurants across 500 geographical locations in India. Order your favorite delicious recipe from the comfort of your home by downloading the application on your Android and iPhone devices and receive hot and fresh food at lightning speed. No matter how hungry you are, get the best deal to save your money.

What is Swiggy and what does it offer?

It is one of the most popular food ordering and delivery services in India. The company offers a wide range of cuisine and dishes to choose from. Users can place orders through the website or delivery app. In 2014, two BITS Pilani alumni launched a food delivery platform. Today it provides services to all major cities in India.

Swiggy pop – With apps like Swiggy pop, users can order single-serve meals at fixed prices without additional delivery charges. Users can place an order through the app or the website.

Swiggy Super – The company has launched its membership program for both new users and old users. The program called “Swiggy Super” provides free shipping, zero commission and surprises to all users.

Various features and benefits

Swiggy One – With Swiggy One, you can unlock access to unlimited conveniences and benefits across Swiggy. This subscription-based service offers free shipping, no additional fees during peak hours and a priority hotline – all for just Rs. 149 per month. With Swiggy One, you can save up to Rs. 90 per order, making it a cost-effective choice for frequent users.

Swiggy Corporate – Swiggy Corporate is another offering that provides a seamless and personalized gifting experience for your employees and consumers. With this benefit, you can purchase prepaid meal vouchers with customizable redemption criteria. Additionally, Swiggy Corporate offers one-time fixed value coupons that can be used to save money on orders.

Swiggy Instamart is a relatively new offering from Swiggy that delivers daily essentials within minutes from the home of Swiggy. With a wide range of products to choose from, including groceries, fruits and vegetables and personal care products, Swiggy Instamart makes shopping for everyday essentials easy and convenient.

Swiggy Genie – Swiggy Genie is a very convenient service that allows you to run errands and clear your to-do list without leaving your home. From picking up medicines and groceries to depositing checks in the bank, Swiggy Genie can do it all for you.

Best online food ordering experience at Swiggy

Here are a few reasons why you should try Swiggy at least once:

  • There is no minimum order
  • Ease of payment
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliability
  • Convenient mobile application
  • Best customer support
  • Wide coverage
  • Real-time tracking

Why should you order from Swiggy?

Enjoy a small meal or a big meal

Every customer is entitled to a no minimum order policy! Just order a small snack for yourself or a big party, Swiggy will deliver it to you, no problem!

No more wondering where the food is

The live order tracking feature on the Swiggy mobile app allows you to see where your food is, from the restaurant right to your doorstep, so you can keep on doing what you were doing.

Too hungry to wait for Swiggy delivery?

Don’t worry! Swiggy is known for being a fast and free delivery partner in India, and ensures that customers get to enjoy their food in 30 minutes or it’s free!

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