BangGood – Online Store Review

Banggood was founded in 2006 in Guangzhou, China.

And specializes in selling various consumer goods, including electronics, clothing, beauty products, home decor, and more.

The company ships products to over 205 countries.

The site has gained popularity due to its competitive prices, free or low-cost shipping, and a vast selection of products.

The company also offers various promotions and discounts to its customers regularly.

Official Website:

Banggood is a Chinese company that was founded in 2006 but it is in 2009 that their first site was launched. Banggood was then a small company that grew to become a big company employing more than 5000 people, they convinced more than 40 million buyers in a couple of years. Although Banggood references more than 100 000 products, their speciality is the sale of Chinese electronic products such as Xiaomi smartphones, projectors, remote controlled toys such as Eachine drones and all kinds of other products made in China.

Banggood is quite similar to Gearbest in its commercial approach, they have a centralized approach where you have only one contact person so unlike Aliexpress, you will not have direct contact with the seller. This can be quite positive because one of the main complaints about Aliexpress is the lack of quality support service.

The name Banggood has a meaning, Bang comes from Chinese and means “good” and Good comes from English to say the same thing.

What can buy in Bangoud?

On the platform of the online hypermarket, as we have already written, there is a huge selection of products – 200 thousand product names from more than 14 categories:

  • digital technologies;
  • goods for home and garden;
  • clothes and accessories;
  • household appliances;
  • network periphery;
  • children’s goods;
  • jewelry and bijouterie;
  • auto goods;
  • cosmetics, etc.

Payment and shipping at Banggood

The store website has a wide selection of payment options. You can arrange delivery by air mail or ground mail.

How to pay for an order

The store’s website offers a huge selection of payment options. These are bank cards of almost all payment systems, web wallets, mobile applications, etc. But please note that depending on the selected payment method and currency, a fee may apply.

Delivery methods

Shipping cost, speed and delivery type depend on country and address. Most delivery is by post. When ordering, you can choose:

  • Express delivery – from 10-15 days;
  • By air mail – up to 20 days;
  • Ordinary mail – up to 25 days.

Please note that the delivery time for orders is currently extended.

Methods of returning goods

One of the advantages of the service is a very convenient return system. You can return the product not only if it was damaged during delivery, of poor quality or defective, but also if you simply did not like it. You will have between 7 and 180 days to do this after receiving your order. You can return the product only by mail, by filling out the return form on the store’s website.

Warranty offered by Banggood

If we had to choose a negative point for most of the Chinese sites, it would be without any hesitation the warranty because Chinese sites do not have to follow the European legislation, they can do what they want. So before buying, you should always check the type of warranty offered.

Banggood offers the following types of warranties / guarantees:

  • 7 day dead on arrival warranty return: if your purchase breaks down 7 days after receipt, you can return it for free. Shipping costs will be refunded with the product refund.
  • 30 days return for no reason: if you are not satisfied with your purchase and the purchased product is still in excellent condition, you can request a return but the return shipping costs are at your expense. Return costs to China are often very high.
  • 180 days return for quality problems: if the product you purchased has quality problems (ex: a battery that lasts 10 minutes), you can ask for a partial refund or an exchange. Please note that some products are not covered by this warranty (ex: clothes). In case of return, the costs are at your expense.
  • 1 year warranty for repair: for certain categories of products (ex: smartphone) you benefit from a 1 year repair warranty. If your product is defective during this warranty period, you will first have to prove the defect by photos and/or videos. The customer service will then accompany you for the rest of the steps but beware, this kind of discussion with Chinese sites is never very easy, you must always insist. The biggest risk with this kind of warranty is that the purchased product is not repairable, in this case they can offer you a partial refund.

Banggood applies a return and warranty policy quite similar to other Chinese sites, check the warranty before buying because sometimes the warranty is low and it is better to buy the product in Europe even if it is more expensive. Everyone will determine the level of risk he is willing to take, the price difference will certainly play a big role.

Mobile application

The store’s mobile application can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play, and the store’s website. By downloading the store’s mobile application, you will be notified of all promotions, new offers and additions to the store’s website.

The application duplicates the company’s web directory and the functionality of your personal account. You will not need to enter your personal account on the website every time, you will be able to make and track orders from your mobile phone.

Banggood bonuses

In the Banggood online store, there are many profitable offers: discounts from manufacturers, coupons and special offers. You can follow new promotions through the website homepage, social network groups or mobile application.

Gifts for beginners

The online store gives a $20 discount coupon and a free gift to all new customers.

Bonus program

You can become a member of the loyalty program after registration and placing orders. Points, which can then be exchanged for a discount on an order, can be obtained not only for orders, but also for other actions on the site:

  • write a review about the product you bought in the store;
  • add your photos to the company’s blog;
  • by adding information to your profile;
  • register in social network groups, etc.


You can get discount coupons from 10 to 25% by doing various actions on the site. For example, when registering, you can receive a coupon for a 20% discount. When you download and install the mobile app, it’s 10%. Coupons can be received via email and at checkout.

VIP club

The company has its own VIP club. More information on how to earn extra points is available after registration. Club members receive additional privileges:

  • birthday gifts from the store;
  • access to exclusive sales;
  • coupons for free shipping.

Referral program

The company has its own referral program, becoming a member of which you can receive up to 12% of income from each purchase made by transfer from your resource.

Banggood is a service that is constantly evolving, adding new bonuses, features and products. Due to machine translation, at first glance it may seem that many offers from the company are duplicated. You should also pay attention to the fact that many offers are created through pop-up windows, and if your browser has an option to block them or you are browsing the web directory from your mobile phone, you may not see many offers.

For the convenience of shopping, the Banggood online store has launched its mobile application, and by placing an order through it, you will not only be aware of all the new products on the site, but you will also receive additional discounts. All payments through the site are protected by a network security protocol, which is also an advantage.

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