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Pavers Ltd, also known as Pavers Shoes, is a family shoe business operating in the UK and Ireland. Today, Pavers has more than 100 stores, all of which are headquartered in York.

Pavers was founded by Catherine Paver in 1971, receiving a bank loan of £ 300, initially by organizing shoe parties with stocking from shoe catalogs. The first store was opened in Scarborough, along with stores in York and Halle. A store in Newcastle soon appeared.

The first store was opened in 1996 at the Royal Quays Outlet Center in North Shields. The company currently has outlets from Loch Lomond in Scotland to Trerulefut in southeastern Cornwall.

Pavers Shoes is now one of the leading British retailers of comfortable shoes, focusing on quality and affordability.

The company has grown, a dedicated team of shoppers travel to the far corners of the world to buy their fantastic shoes, and now, in more than 130 stores in the UK and Ireland, you can choose your own range of comfort without forgetting your favorite brands such as Fly Flot, Skechers , Padders and many more. For fashion lovers, the company also offers the Bellissimo brand, which covers the latest trends of the season, the range includes the most desirable designs, which guarantees that you will find your perfect style!

The best retailer in the UK.
In 2020, Pavers Shoes was named the best retailer in the UK by Retail Week, according to reviews published on Glassdoor, which scored 4.6 points out of 5.

Pavers’ goal as a salesperson is to deliver happiness, but it doesn’t stop at shoes, it also applies to people. The company’s employees are the nicest people and their greatest asset, the company values ​​the talent of each team member, each of whom provides a unique set of skills.

Pavers has created a work culture that promotes inclusiveness, ambition, opportunity and growth for all colleagues. Talent, passion and dedication of employees are the reasons for success. A Pavers employee is not just a colleague, he is really part of the family.

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