Revolution Beauty – Makeup For All Shades & Ages.

Revolution serves to represent and protect a wide range of consumers. In an industry where beauty standards have just begun to be challenged, Revolution Beauty violates these rules and advocates for inclusiveness from the day you are born.

Back in 2014, diversity was still a niche concept. Inclusiveness was not very high in brand programs. The small destroyer, then called the Makeup Revolution, came up with a clear concept: to challenge existing standards and democratize an industry that plays a key role in defining society.

Founders of Revolution Beauty
The revolution was conceived in 2013 around the kitchen table of founder Adam Minto. Joining forces with fellow entrepreneur and beauty producer Tom Olsworth has allowed the brand to grow rapidly. Six months later, the first retailer purchased Makeup Revolution. The goal was to develop quality makeup that is accessible to everyone. The concept of Fast Beauty, in which we produce products every week, is rooted in the passion of our founders to quickly bring to market the latest beauty trends and product innovations at attractive prices.

Revolution beauty team holding POPAI 2018 awards
Adam Minto, the founder, says:

Five years ago, Revolution was created with the vision of a better beauty firm, a “new normal” situation. A business that values ​​its customers and creates incredible products directly from their feedback. Now we have become a global brand that still upholds the same values ​​- inclusiveness, diversity, violating the outdated perception of beauty. We believe that everyone should have access to quality makeup if they want to, and that every definition of beauty deserves to be celebrated. “

From day one, Revolution’s commitment to inclusiveness encompasses everything it does, from building consumer feedback to product development, to presenting its employees, superfans and content creators in all brand communications, avoiding unrealistic perfection and models for real people, true beauty.

Makeup matters, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality. #OpenMinds is the Revolution’s call for all to celebrate diversity, embrace imperfection, respect self-expression and support beauty in many forms. For us, an open mind is powerful, it is beautiful, it is strong in order to be able to see beyond the obvious and to embrace the unknown.

Revolution beauty team
Revolution (formerly Makeup Revolution) is the first brand in the portfolio to hit the market in 2014. Known for high-quality makeup with innovative formulations competing with prestigious brands such as Conceal & Define Foundation and Concealer, available in 50 shades

Revolution PRO offers a curatorial collection of hero cosmetics for a person who is looking for an exquisite version of the product

I Heart Revolution celebrates the fun, playful side of the beauty world with its unique products and quirky packaging.

Revolution Skincare offers high-quality targeted solutions for a person who is serious about skin care. The best skin care. The best makeup.

Makeup Obsession is a good addition to your make-up bag with positive statements that cover trend-high energy palettes and for the social world.