SIMMI – UK Online Women’s Footwear.

SIMMI offers the latest shoe trends at affordable prices for world-thinking girls.
SIMMI is inspired by the bold and experienced women of the world, whether in our daily lives or in our social affairs.

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The company believes that we are a bit of this and a bit of a thing, we should not classify one type. brains, beauty and bad ass, in SIMMI consume the latest news and gossip, working hard to achieve their goals. Receive offers from bloggers, celebrities and friends who constantly encourage you to create a better world and stay true to yourself.

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noun global girl, brains, beauty and bad.
it has a low cool sound about itself, a downtown class mixed with downtown.
she is a discoverer, a baby boss and, in fact, does not apologize.
she encourages self-love and believes that conquest comes from within.